Can we create word files without Word Application Scope activity

Hi Team,

Can we create word files(replacing the values with variables) without word application scope.
The issue is when we are creating word files changing the dynamic values in each file, the system is hanging when each time new word file is opening.
Can we do the process in background?
Appreciate your inputs!

Appreciate your inputs!

@Lahiru.Fernando @Palaniyappan @sarathi125

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You can use Work Application Scope, once done with updating a document and then you have to use kill process to kill that word instance before starting with the next document.



Word application scope is more easier to create a word document and if we want to replace any value in the document, we got REPLACE TEXT activity to replace the values we want
And we got other methods like START PROCESS activity where we can pass the filepath of word document as input to FileName property
But it involves lot of UI Interactions
Compared to that word application scope is way more easier

Use KILL PROCESS a activity with ProcessName as “WORD” so that before accessing the next file or instance it ensures that the processor doesn’t hang

And ofcourse it can be run in background as well

Cheers @RajeshT

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Thank you @sarathi125 for your inputs.

Hi @Palaniyappan,

Thank you for your response!

How can i run the process in background with the Word Application Scope activity.
When i run the workflow ,while replacing the values with REPLACE TEXT activity word document is open and i can able to see the values changing.
Can we do the same in without seeing the document?