Can we correct spellling in uipath?

Hi @MitheshBolla ,

Maybe There is a Problem in the Requirements.

Is there a Microsoft Word installed in the system?

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no actually we are building in c#, so the value assigined has errors

@MitheshBolla ,
Could you Show the Error Message from the Assign Activity?

If it is required in C#, I will provide the replacement version shortly.

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yes please . this helps me a lot , and thANKS

@MitheshBolla Could you Provide the Error Message Shown from the Assign Activity? Just to Confirm if there is any other Error other than that of C# Compliant version.

We do see that there is 9 instead of ( in the Assign Value

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for c# insted of () it will take , i chanaged but still error occuring

@MitheshBolla ,

Check the C# Version of the Workflow Below : (3.8 KB)

I had to use Invoke Method for this case.

Let us know if it doesn’t work.

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Instead of input dailouge box how to take first output?


You could use the below Expression to get the First Value if there are any Suggestions :

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It worked and if string contains a setence , it will check for first word only right.But not complete sentense

Yes, For the Current Workflow, It will only take the first word.

But a modification can be done to iterate over the words in a sentence and collect the Suggestions.

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like "Product Manger’s Applicotion " can we correct the sentence too
the change to be made in c# code input


I am afraid the result is not very accurate with this Setup.

The Word "Manger" is also a Proper word which has a meaning and hence it is not recognised as a Spelling Mistake.

The Word Applicotion is understood as a Mis-Spelled word and gets corrected.

Find the Updated Workflow Below which Corrects all the Mis-Spelled words in a Sentence: (4.4 KB)

We could however explore the Options of Adding a Custom Dictionary but it would not cover the whole grammatical cases.

As said earlier , if the Requirement is Strict, Need to Re-Group the Details and Requirements in Finding a Proper Machine Learning Model that does the Intended operation.

I’ll perform a Research on the available Models by UiPath in Meantime to get the better solution.


This was perfect and worked well bro. Thanks a lot

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“ASSOCIAT DIRECTOR, INTERNTIONAL ADMISSION- CHINNA” for this its telling no mistake, where all are wrong

will this code work for capital letters?

its working perfectly when words are not in capitals, when all are in capital letters then its always tell no spelling mistakes , but still spelling mistakes are there in capital letters

@MitheshBolla ,

Yes, It does seem to be the case when Capitals are used.

Not exactly sure as to why it happens, Most probably because Capitals are used to Denote Titles.

We can perform a Workaround, where we can use a Temporary string which will have the same value from the input string but will have it’s value converted to Lower case and then use it as the input string.

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