Can we convert UiPath studio Framework windows to windows Legacy?

UIpath Framework compatibility
Can we convert windows to windows Legacy?

HI @Soundarya_Guduri

Try with this following

  1. Back up your existing Windows project

  2. Close all Studio instances

  3. Go to project location

  4. Edit project.json

  5. Change the value of the key “targetFramework” to "Windows Legacy "

  6. Save file

  7. Open project in studio (the conversion should start automatically)

Check out this thread


We have tried the same procedure @Gokul001

we are unable to open sub xaml files

Even. I have tried this,not working.

Hello @Soundarya_Guduri

As per my understanding Migration from Windows to Windows-Legacy is not possible. Better to move your projects to Windows compatibility instead of Windows-Legacy, as there won’t be any updates to Windows-Legacy from the 2023 versions.