Can we connect with the other data base like my sql which can be supported with the uipath community edition

can any one clear me the below queries.

1.can i know the other databases are connected with the community edition of uipath .
2.if it is the trail version of the uipath studio.
3. if connected can i know how to coonect with mysql database.

thanks in advance
a waiting for the fast reply.


  1. You can connect to any database using Database activities if you setup right data source and data provider.

  2. It supports in trail version.

  3. Refer below thread for connecting to my sql database -

could u please provide me the sql version and odbc drivers versions which supports the 64bit os and uipath community edition
iam not able to connect with this string
as we are using mysql 64bit version, odbc drivers for 64 bit
and connection string as

From the thread, UIPath compatible with 32 bit. Not sure if it works with 64 bit.

Hi @mkavya159

Database activity pack is actually open to community for contributions:

You are free to post an issue directly on GitHub as well (or even contribute yourself :smiley: // Disclaimer: all commits are confirmed by UiPath staff).


thanks i got a solution for it.

Great :slight_smile: Feel free to share the solution and mark your post solved :slight_smile: