Can we connect UiPath to Confluence to post the execution results from UiPath to Confluence?

Can we connect UiPath to Confluence to post the execution results from UiPath to Confluence?
May be Connection between Orchestrator with Confluence
Any API Available?

I hope we don’t have may be in near future
Cheers @RajeshMA


Confluence has an API that you can call with a bot. It allows you to create pages and add attachments. Perhaps you could use this to get a bot to post execution results?


What specifically are you looking to do?

Have an activity that allows you to post info to Confluence?

I’ve been looking for something interesting to build a custom activity package in order to learn to do it. Tell me what you want, and it might show up in a week or so…

– M

Oh thats great… Could you please explain how to do it?

Yes, We need to post the execution results in a table format in a Page of confluence … UiPath should post the results in Confluence.
We have customized the execution results to come into an excel sheet. We should put the content present in that excel in Confluence Page in a Table format.
Help will be highly appreciable.
Thanks in Advance

If you are on a server edition of conflence, you’ll need this guidance:

If you are using the cloud edition, you’ll need this guidance:

There is an api for updating content on a page. Your best approach would be to

  1. get yourself an account with the right permissions and credentials to use the api
  2. use the get content api to see what the page looks like now, and work out what you will need to change to generate the table
  3. use the update content api to update the page with fresh data.

Best of luck!

Can I get in detail information?

Not really, because to go much further, I’d have to build it out myself. It isn’t something I have tried before. I am using the API to attach files to pages, but not to do what you are trying to achieve. That said, I see know reason why it won’t work.

Please report back and let us know how you get on - I’m sure I will be asked to do this at some point.

For now kindly please provide details/steps for attaching files to Pages. Later we will see to create a table in the page.

Hello Rajesh,
In this video I use the confluence connector:

Cristian Negulescu