Can we change the selector on computer vision?

Hello guys, I have many datas to get in a app, but it can’t be indicated by get text activity, so I use CV get text. Is it possible to change the selector on CV get text? Because I want to get all datas dynamically, what i’m doing is get text, then send hotkey down to change the tab, get text again, and repeat until it doens’t have data anymore

hi @claudiojody,

I my opinion, I don’t think computer vision work that way. Also, I think , what you are trying to achieve might be done without computer vision.

Is it possible for you share the screenshot of your app? I just want to know what kind of fields are there.


If I understand it right, it is the same thing I would like to have as a new feature! This way Computer Vision could be improved and fulfil even more use cases:

Computer Vision (Get Text, Click or anything else) works with OCR and reads the text. If it were possible to save a variable (or set a selector in your case) into the OCR module it would be great.

Example: We want to retrieve the name based on a customer number.
If we can add a selector to the anker than we could assign the customer number beforehand and retrieve the name. Now it wouldn’t work since the number changes. In case there are no other anker available this would greatly enhance our work!

Case 1:
12349595 Maria

Case 2:
10003456 Elena

Hope someone sees the suggestion!