Can we call UIPath process as REST service

Hi UIPath Gurus,

I can see that from UIPath we can call a REST service, my requirement is little different,

My requirement is to find some data from inside a database or an excel file, what data we need to find will come in the input, with that data go to excel, find relevant information and respond back, I am thinking if we can create UIPath process as a REST service, the remote system can call UIPath process by passing some value, UI path process gets the relevant data from excel and reply back with the data to calling remote system.

Can you guys please advice if we can do this.


You can use REST to put transaction in the queue, that automatic triggers the process. Then some time later you can do another REST to get the result from the queue. Or you provide a callback URL for the process to send the result.

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Thanks for solution,
This is definitely a working solution, however this is not real-time,
my requirement is calling the UIPath process like a rest service and getting the response in real time. Can we do it.

I dont think so, I’d expect quick response time from a REST service. In a robot enviroment you can not guarantee that.
If I’d like something like this I’d implement it in Python with FastAPI and Pandas for DB/Excel access.
You can start a job with REST, but you need to find out how to get back results:

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Hi Moenk,

“use REST to put transaction in the queue”
To do this do we need to have Orchestrator or can this be done in UIPath Assistant.


Queue is always in Orchestrator, sure. How you want to call the REST, Python?

Hello Yatan,
I have here a movie where you see how you start a process with parameter and then wait for the response from Postman (this is just for testing commands):

To See a loop that is waiting for the response of the process here you have a loop in PowerAutomate:

Cristian Negulescu

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