Can we call sub-workflow from Uipath apps

Using Uipath Apps we can call main workflow as processes but do we have any option to call sub-workflow from main processes using uipath apps,

Hi @n.krishna.moorthy,
You can only use the process that are published in orchestrator. You cannot call a single workflow in that process in your UiPath apps. We have ‘start a process’ rule only.
You can publish that workflow in orch and use it as a another process wherever needed.

I hope this helps.


Hi @n.krishna.moorthy

you can only call mail workflow, write logic in main workflow to call sub workflow based on parameter


okay just checking without invoke function can we call directly or not.
Can we send reply mail in outlook, outside the loop using messageID

Sorry didn’t get your question

@n.krishna.moorthy ,

Deploy the workflow into orchestrator and call this. you can call any process direct from Apps.