Can we call bot from other programming language? do we have any SDKs? 0

As per my basic understanding, we need to run the bot using “UiPath Robot” manually or schedule using “UiPath Orchestrator”

Long back I worked with the automation tool Called RoboSuite from Kapow Software. They provided SDKs for .Net/PHP/Java which we can add to .Net/any project and load Bots and pass parameters and get the results from Bots which is scrapping from website dynamically.

Here bot will work without scheduling or manual interaction on demand. Below I am explaining the use case for understating .

We want to develop website where users can search for some product like “iPhone 10”. For this we want to scrap the iPhone details from different website like Amazon, FlipKart, PaytmMall, etc and display to user to compare prices.

In this use case when ever user search, at that time bot will run and scrap the data without manual interaction. And also we can’t schedule this.

For the above use case UiPath will work? IF yes, please explain the option/process how we can achieve this.

Hi all, Any please give the help on this.

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did we try with SYSTEM TRIGGER activity on this

Cheers @Venkatadri_Naidu

Thanks for your reply.

Here I don’t have any plb with creating bot. Created bot and woking fine with UiPath Robot.

I checked SYSTEM TRIGGER but not clear that will solve my problem. For example I am developing website in PHP and in home page we are providing search box. In this users may type and search. At that time in backgorund bot will run and scrap the data from different websites and for search keyword and return to the php program. then PHP programm will populate that data to end user.

How can we call bot from PHP or some other environment.

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What if once the user enters soem type of search string, a file is generated somewhere on the server, with the search information. The robot monitors that location, and once a new file comes in, it reads it, scrapes the data, which is exported back tot he server for the website to pick up?

You could also look into the Orchestrator API, I think there is a method to start a job with it.

Yah it has to be set like the bot must be scheduled for every 10 mins or whatever the two range your php program is ran
And the process should be developed in such a way like if any of the element in that application clicked then that would trigger the bot and get the data
—so set the bot like providing input to pho once after getting them for each click trigger

Cheers @Venkatadri_Naidu

User many not wait for 10 mins or 5 mins if we architect our bot run using schedule. Is there any option to run the bot by triggering from out side without using UiPath Robot or Orchestrator?

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Yah we trigger with orchestrator api
For more details on this

Cheers @Venkatadri_Naidu