Can we automate mobile app and Chatbots using RPA

Is it possible to automate mobile app and chatbots using UiPath tool for RPA?

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Please can you be more specific on what you plan to automate?

Yes, you can automate mobile games at least with automation based on Click Image Activity, but you need a Mirror/Control Android Screen from PC, Stream your iPhone to PC in Real Time like app , to display the your phone on the computer and create the workflow.

i am trying to fetch contact number from excel sheet and call all the numbers one by one. I am using Vysor and start ADB server to stream my mobile screen to my pc. But, its not recognizing the elements from the sceen when I am trying to click or type something. Its selecting the whole screen always.
Is there a method to automate in this case?

@ sundargokhul yes it is possible see this 2 exemple of projects :

explore more here:[]=chatbot

Hi Anamika, just want to know if you were able to automate this calling using vysor, if you could you please help me giving some tips? Even I need to make some calls using vysor as a company requirement.

No… It was not successful…

Hey Anamika, looks like they’re now supporting mobile apps with the new update. Please check once