Can we add Tab in type into tab

Hi,can we add Tab in type into tab or I need to use hot key for separate Tab.I try as mention in attachment I am getting error.But when I try with separate!

hot key then it work

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you can try this

  1. Type into and hit enter ( if your UI support typing in the select drop down) and you can pass your string here
  2. Use click activity on the arrow mark then use click text.

Yes of course we can use tab key like this
“Your string” + “[k(tab)]”

But where that we have disabled simulate type and enabled sendwindowmessage property
Else tab key will be typed instead of pressing

Cheers @Aditya10989

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if I disabled simulate type then it run on back ground.when my system is locked…?

Ya disable simulate type
But enable sendwindowmessage property
And also mention like this @Aditya10989


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According to your error message, your AO_Calculatin is of decimal type so firstly convert it to .ToString, secondly you can use sendWindowMessage property.

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