Can UiPath Studio be installed on Azure virtual machine?


I’m a novice to uipath and virtual machines’s concepts. I need to install Uipath studio on Azure virtual machine. Is this possible to install studio on Azure VM? If yes, can anyone share me the documentation for installing uipath on Azure VM?

Thank you!

Hello @Meena_Muthukrishnan,

If you are interested only for UiPath Studio installation on an Azure virtual machine, that’s easy, it’s like installation on a normal computer.
Check the documentation for requirements:

At the same time, if you want to learn about UiPath and check the tutorials, most of them are nice and available on their academy:

If you’re interested to install the entire environment like Studio + Orchestrator in Azure, that’s another story and I believe UiPath has some documentation for that too.

I hope it helps.


Thank you @wasea. It worked.

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