Can UiPath run on Chromebook/ChromeOS?

Can UiPath attended process run on Chromebook/ChromeOS


in my opinion UiPath software is compatible with the windows OS alone. Please review the below link of the software requirements - OS section. thanks.

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On ChromeOS
UiPath does not support ChromeOS. So short answer is no you cannot run an attended robot process on ChromeOS.

On Chromebook
If you installed a linux distro (removed ChromeOS) on a chromebook + your automation was cross-platform + you want to run a unattended robot, then the answer is YES:
You can run UiPath robot on a Chromebook by using the new feature Unlock Linux automation with 21.8 Robot! - News / New Features - UiPath Community Forum.


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Thanks. good to know that we have option on Chromebook.

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