Can UiPath Robot run without a physical mouse or keyboard?

Hi, I just wanted to ask if we can run a UiPath robot without an actual physical keyboard or run it on a shared screen without a physical keyboard or mouse. Btw, this is an attended bot(s). Thanks a lot in advance. Your inputs will be highly appreciated.

Hey @rico.aj, welcome back and the answer is yes. UiPath uses hotkeys programatically.
Hence it hardly matters of a physical keyboard.

Hello @rico.aj

Welcome back after a long long time… 2 years :slight_smile:

For your question… yeah… you can run a bot without a physical keyboard or a mouse as @Sumeet explained :slight_smile:

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Hi Sumeet, thanks for the prompt reply. But I have used mostly “Type Into” activities instead of hotkey. Will the bot work also on it without mouse or keyboard?

Hi Fernando, yeah. I’m back man. :slight_smile:

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