Can UIPATH Remote Runtime cross more than 1 Remote desktop?

Hi guys!

Let’s see.
I have a pc name PC_A, and two Remote desktops RD_1, RD_2.
PC_A can visit RD_1 by RDC, but can’t visit RD_2 directly.
On RD_1 can visit RD_2 by RDC.
uipath remote runtime will be install in all of three PC(Remote desktops)
In the scenario above. is it communication between PC_A and RD_2 support by uipath remote runtime.
I have no the same envrionment now, but will give a proposal.
Anyone knows it?

that’s inception in VDIs

but what il suggest is to try out native citrix recording to see if that’s fulfilling your needs directly on RD2 or go for computer vision activities.

Hi Rahul

Thanks for your reply.
So far, I haven’t the enviroment.