Can UiPath modifie files which are not created by its workflows execution?

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Per my understanding, files not created during execution is treated read-only, that implies no data can be entered into a file that already exists before the workflow execution. If this holds true, my question is:

Let us consider a scenario, Data is read from an excel file that was created long before, and the extracted data has to be written to the same excel in the same sheet. As per above rule, data cannot be written since the file is read-only.

Please explain?

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Hello Zion,

Excel files or any kind of files are not treated read-only by UiPath, unless you have them open in the first place or an other process is working on them, otherwise UiPath can pretty much do all the operations on a file (Excel for example) even if it hasn’t been created during the execution of one of its workflows.

Hi @Zion,

  • Check if the file is already read only.

  • If not, check the visibility as false in excel application scope. Now inside the scope you can place both read range as well as write range. It should work.

  • If still you are facing problem, goto manage package, reinstall Excel package, restart your machine and try. :slightly_smiling_face:

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