Can UI path do the following automation?

Please reply if you know the solution.

“Login to a website > Input 5 names >Logout”

And repeat the process as many times as possible.

Variables in the process are ID, Password and Names.

I want to know that can Uipath make combinations(permutations combination) of names on its own.

Like if I provide 7 names(eg. A, B, C, D, E, F, G) to Uipath can Uipath make combination of above names and type that into different accounts after login. Like for 1st Account name combination will be ABCDE, for 2nd Account will be ABCDF, for 3rd ABCDG and so on…

Hello Sharma,
Welcome to the UiPath Community.
A simple answer to your question is “Yes”. You can automate the mentioned scenario.
Regarding generating permutations or combinations, we can always use the “Invoke Code” activity where we can write C# or VB.Net code.

Happy Automation!!