Can this table be developed on uipath

hey buddy i need help now after running the query i am getting the data and i need to create the graph i am adding the sample of the graph i am getting two different data value

query 1 is giving one day data
query 2 for the past 7 days

x axis is total number of registrations
y is date

how should i develop the below chart in uipath Untitled

Buddy @manoj2500
You can use MACROS buddy and run that macro in studio with the help of Invoke VB activity
buddy , once after entering the data in the excel…
First manually enter the data in excel and create a macro for that make a bar chart like above and then copy that macro code and paste it in a notepad as text file…
Now use a read text activity to read them

Mention the macro name here buddy along the property and the file path of the notepad file buddy

Cheers @manoj2500

Hey friend can explain in detail plzzz
I have 2 query’s results as datatable how should move further