Can the robot confirm the information before running the next step?

In my automation I need the robot to proceed just if it confirms that the information in the Excel file is the same as in my website.

Is there a way to do it?

For exemple:

Store’s name on excel: DIOR
If store’s name in the website = DIOR, so click on the button
If store’s name in my website is different than DIOR, jump to the next line.

try this approach (that’s assuming your excel file has the structure dt columns) =>

What if the name of the store in the website changes for each product?

For example:
In my excel file I have multiples names of stores because there is a different store for each product.

In my website when I put the number of the product it’s supposed to show the name of the store, so I have to confirm if it’s the right name or not (in the future I will have to do the same thing for prices)

My website shows like this:

How can I confirm that it shows the same name if the name is always gonna change depending on the product number?

Use Get Text Activity and compare the name with your excel product name.

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