Can the existing version license be renewed or need to upgrade to latest version


Regarding the Uipath license upgrade,

We have an active license for Uipath Robot v2019.4, but as mentioned in Uipath Product lifecycle extended support ended on June 30th 2020.

Now the question is,

Can we use the same version i.e. renew the existing license with ver2019.4 once expired


Do we need to upgrade with the latest version?

(Any information regarding this topic will be helpful)

Hi @Karthik7,

You shouldn’t have any problem with renewing your license and staying in the same version.

I think there was a patch you needed to apply in version 2019.4 to work with the newest licenses, because the license system used by UiPath changed with version 2019.10. Check this blog post for more information about this: Licensing Server Migration: All the Information You Need for a Smooth Transition.

The important thing to consider is that you will no longer have support from UiPath if you have any issues with the 2019.4 version.