Can´t map homebroker fields


Scenario: Changed my homebroker from Fator to XP. Can´t target the fields on this new web page.

Steps to reproduce: necesary access to XP homebroker page

Current Behavior: When I choose the “click” activitie (or any other) and click in the target button to capture (in fact in any field in the homebroker webpage) the software experiments a great delay to capture the action (more than 1 minute). When it finally comes back, i can´t run the process. It says it can´t find the element. In the old website it was ok. I log in into XP page usung UiPath, but inside the homebroker page nothing works.

Expected Behavior: The activities are simple. Click buttons or get field values. Nothing works there.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2016.2.6344 (stable)

Last stable behavior:
Last stable version:

OS Version: Windows 10

Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):