Can’t Login to UIPath Platform

I’m not able to create an account on the orchestrator enterprise cloud

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Maybe you can help with this?

Hi @Romario_Almeida

It means that you already have an account with this email address. As the message says, please try to log in using one of the SSO options (Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn)


So I don’t have any account with this email, the only thing I did was to download a trial studio.
The problem is that the email I’m using is not .com like this: (, I did a test by inserting .com and it works. Could this be why the email doesn’t have .com?

The message you see happens only if you used an underlying Google/Microsoft account to log in to any of our services (see here Forum FAQ - UiPath SSO login for all our services)

This means that you should be able to use the Google/Microsoft option to login, in depended of your email domain (as long as that email uses Google/Microsoft service).

But I didn’t log in with that email, the only thing I did was use it to download Studio Trial. Why can’t I do it using the print option below?

Criar E-mail

I am pretty sure you should be able to log in (not signup) using the Log in with Google option.
Try clicking here:
and then use the Google login.

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