Can’t find and click text

I have text and I need to find and click on the text in the app.

sample text “4”
I need to find and click “4” in the application, this number may change


If the text, contains no numbers, but the number you are looking for than you can use Regex, to find it… ^[0-9]*


the program is as in the picture. But the variable I need to click can change and it needs to find and click. If my example variable is “0” the robot needs to click “0” zero

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Can’t tell ! Need more informations :slight_smile:

Come on, don’t do this right now, and I’m stuck here. I applied a few activities. I applied get text but if there is another 4 in the selector, it chooses it

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hi @mz3bel ,
I want to select the numbers on the left with the selector. one chooses “1” correctly OK. Four chooses “4” correctly OK. But Zero chooses “0” wrong.

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will you help now please :face_with_monocle:

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Hi @Alberto28,

Could you share the properties/selectors available for the column elements (any)? you might need to check for a second selector that could refer to column 1 and not 2


Since it’s a dynamic values, every value, should have it’s own unique ID. Use that to find your case, you want to click…

Let me know how it goes for you… :slightly_smiling_face: