Can Studio X import package made in Studio?

Hi UiPath community!

I’m currently stuck with an issue between having Studio on one platform and Studio X on another platform. So I made a package in Studio and trying to run it in Studio X. I am aware that if I try to run my project from Studio in Studio X, it doesn’t work.

My question is what about packages? Is that applicable, as well? I tried with the project with compatibility set to Windows, and another with Windows Legacy, and both don’t work.

Your help is highly appreciated!

Studio can run packages created in studio x but not the other way around. Studio X has limitations so it will not work with a Studio package

hi @wildande

UiPath StudioX is specifically designed for citizen developers and focuses on simplicity and ease of use, providing pre-built templates and activities for common business tasks. On the other hand, UiPath Studio offers a wider range of activities and more advanced capabilities for professional developers. You will be able to run Studio X program in studio but not vice versa.

Hope it helps!!


Hi @wildande

If you are experiencing issues when running the package in Studio X, double-check the activities used in the package and verify their compatibility with Studio X. You may need to modify your project to remove or replace unsupported activities or find alternative solutions.


Hi @Parvathy,

Thanks for the elaborate answer.

Because I want to run the finished project on Studio X, what would you suggest I do? Does that mean I have to recreate all of the projects that I’ve done in Studio in Studio X to be able to run it there?


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