Can stop the low level log at log file?

I am using Studio Community 2019.8, but I found many trace level log are in the log file, please see the below picture.

I remember the previous version, trace level log would not be shown, I tried disablelowlevel cmd, but it cannot work, anyone knows how to do ? thanks.


You can change minLevel=“Info” to MaxLevel=“Info” in your NLog.config file
then Execution.log will not show log in Trace level.

*NLog.Config file located in UiPath installation folder

For more information about configuration

Yes, I already change them,

But it still show the Trace, I am thinking whether at Community Version it will shows all the log ?

I update my message. thanks.


You can config log output in Community Version.

After i changed to maxlevel=“Info”, my log file can output only “Info”

*You need to close and open studio , after edit NLog.config

ok, I think I know, thanks.