Can someone tell me how to send email using gmail account, not outlook?

Can someone tell me how to send email using gmail account, not outlook? i have this issue

Hi @ryrytis

This should be fixed by removing the extra line break at the end of first line :slight_smile:

So that it looks like that:

Is outlook only option. We use gmail so can you link to that?

Hi. I do not have outlook. We use only google. How can you send mails using google accounts?

Hi everyone, please see a possible workaround here :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat as lots of other folks. I don’t use Outlook, so trying to figure out a workaround with Yahoo or Gmail.

Hi @mark_newman - please refer to the link posted above.

In short there is no out of the box solution at the moment for Yahoo oder Gmail but you can use the “Use Application/Browser” activity to automate either yahoo or Gmail via user interface automation.

Hi Nishan,
I used below option to send emails to my gmail account and its working as expected.
Use Gmail under Resources and add your account and then add Send Email activity to draft and send your email content.
I am new this forum and maybe you might have this solution earlier :slight_smile:

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You can use “Send SMTP Mail Message” activity.
In property panel>>> Port = 587, Server = “”.
Logon >>
email =“your email id”,
Password =
→ go to your account settings on gmail > security > App Passwords >Create pwd for 3rd party apps(UiPath) > copy that password and use it into property panel. (Make sure to not share that password while sending your process to someone).

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