Can someone suggest real time scenario to do the POC and I got the basic understanding

Can someone suggest a real-time scenario to do the POC and I have the basic understanding?

Hi @sanjay.qaengineer,

The UiPath training series has several near real time scenarios .

What level are you currently at on your Learning Path?

Regardless, you can give this a shot:

Generate an invoice dataset excel by going to the this website:

Then build a Robot to read this Excel and then generate an Invoice for each record in the Excel by going to this website:

Have your Robot download and save the invoice PDFs with unique names. Note that this PDF automatically calculates the Total Amount based on the values you input.

Build a second Robot to process each PDF and extract the total value.

Open your Excel and update the Total Value to the correct Record in Excel.

This is a near real time scenario for an Invoice Generation RPA process and an Invoice Book keeping process.