Can someone suggest Add Transaction Item senerios, where to use it

Can someone suggest, about Add Transaction Item senerios, where to use it.

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If we want to add an item to Queue then will use this activity.

Can you suggest some use cases or senerios in which cases it should be used.

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It seems that way but using this Activity no longer allows the GetTransactionItem activity to return the TransactionItem that was just created with the AddTransactionItem activity, so I’m failing to see the purpose of using this activity? Scenarios would be useful alright.

Nowhere within that documentation does it mention why Add Transaction Item should be used. Could you provide a scenario as OP requested initially? I can’t see a use for it other than using it for logging transactions performed within the same process.

I understand Add Queue Item adds an item to the queue with status=New, Add Transaction Item also adds an item with status=InProgress and GetTransactionItem gets a queue item with status=New. Personally I don’t understand why Add Transaction Item is named so, since Get Transaction Item can’t return what was added using that activity.