Can run only main xaml file not the copied xaml file

Hi all,

I tried to run my copied xaml file in the console but when i hit run it opens and jumps to the main xaml file and start running. I can only debug the copied xaml file.

Help me please

Change the file name as below.
(A.xaml, Acopyied.xaml)-> (Aorigin.xaml, A.xaml)

Are you saying you want to run the copied xaml file? To Console? (Like Uirobot Parameter)
If you haven’t copied the project by convention, it’s likely that you have a problem with project.json
The path of Main.xaml file is defined in project.json file.

When running the project, it refers to the json file, so if you haven’t copied the project entirely, you may have problems.

Hi, i am facing a similar problem. Were you able to solve it?