Can run a sequence under another sequence?

I have this sequence which has a runtime of 40 sec
But I need check if the name is write with the one in excel, If write then let it run the 40-sec sequence.
I am not sure if its the if condition is not functioning or because putting such a big sequence under if condition?
Cause, the 40-sec sequence is skipped.

Thank you xoxo

It should work fine, it might work better using a retry and putting it as if filename = filename = true or something.

@CBlanchard i tried but it is still skipping the 40-sec sequence

do you have a copy of your workflow?

@CBlanchard i sent u

Its working fine for me (i had to remove the pdf section)…

So, is your file going straight to false? (8.0 KB)

@CBlanchard yup it goes straight to false. Anyways for me to go about without removing the pdf as I would be needing it

Yeah, it was going to true with the pdf section as well.

What does your excel file contain?

Just few server names in the first column like

so, its got a few names… then has S10589-AAB in the column randomly?

Weird… it should work.

it is working fine on mine. I even added more variables to the excel sheet and its finding AAB fine.

Can you try your workflow with my excel file? (in the .zip folder above)

It still doesn’t work


I know the answer.

ITs becasuse you have “Add headers” selected.

untick that, and it will work.

OR add a header in your excel sheet like:
Server Name

@CBlanchard i tried both ways like u said. but i don’t get the ‘true’ message. But when I tried with yr excel file, the ‘true’ message is displayed…

Yep, look at my reply.

Untick “Add Headers” in your read range activity, or add a header to your excel file.

@CBlanchard I tried both ways. But I don’t get the ‘true’ message


The only other thing i can suggest would be to delete your excel file and make a new one.

It might be something wrong with it?

Try with this fileServerName.xlsx (8.6 KB)

@CBlanchard It is really weird. What am I doing wrong? I used your file but i still dont’ get the ‘true’ message. I even tried reinstalling Uipath.excel.activities


Basic mistake.

We have been looping through the datatable but doing nothing with it.

All you have to do is move your try catch or If activity into the loop.

See here:Demo (1).xaml (12.5 KB)


  1. Your for each is looping through your excel sheet
  2. when it finds a match in your If statement filename = filename
  3. it will then run the PDF sequence
  4. and then restart the loop once PDF sequence is done
  5. ends when no more rows are in the excel sheet
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