Can robot mention number displayed


I have a task to mention nominal value like below :

107,400 : One hundred seven thousand and four hundred.

But in Indonesia language (Bahasa). Is it possible?

Hi @Rhys18
This is sample code in Pakistani Currency.
(eg: 100025.50 to One lakh Twenty five ruppes and fifty paise only)
Convert Accordingly

NumberToWords(IN).xaml (7.1 KB)

Kinda complex… Is there activity or any?

@Rhys18 I don’t Think so, UIPATH has any Special Activity for this?
In Custom package may be its available.

Yes there is 1 :

I will try this and then yours. Thanks for the reply!!

@Rhys18 yeah If it is working then great. Otherwise no other option then vb/c# code

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Okay thank you for the help Mr. Raja!

@Rhys18 welcome.

@Rhys18 ,

Could you provide us what should be the expected output for the provided data ?

Like this but in bahasa… I think I found few custom activities on the marketplace but still trying to figure it out how to use it

@Rhys18 ,

Let us know if you are not able to get the required output and we can inspect on what is actually required.

As we can see, you want to convert the number value into words, then there a few activities in marketplace which should help you decide, check the components in the link provided below :

I tried to find yes there’s activity for it but sadly it’s in english only… There’s no Indonesian currency

@Rhys18 ,
Confirming Once more, the expected output should be translated to Indonesian language or is that you just want to mention that it is Indonesian Rupiah ?

We would need to understand the correct requirement, maybe a further discussion on this with required Business users could get you the holding of the requirement.

It needs to be translated to Indonesian language. Same as translating from english to Indonesia. It’s not jus mentioning One Hundred Rupiah, but seratus Rupiah for example

@Rhys18 ,

In that case, you might need to use the combination of Both Number to Words Activities (In English) and then use the Translation Activities to convert it to Indonesian language. Though I have not yet tested these activities, I will try to test this from my end and see if this results in the expected output.

A translator? I didn’t know this kind of activity exist… Thanks for the help ! I will try later

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@Rhys18 Have you try my suggestion?

For your code, I have to change the language from english to bahasa manually first. I’m 100% sure it will work because it’s just changing the string value from english to bahasa. Meanwhile I will try the most easiest because I have another deadline. Thanks for asking!

This one is working in the very most effective way, just need to add little bit requirement and it’s good to go! Also I’m using another translator package.

Thanks for the help !!
@raja.arslankhan Thanks for replying too man :slight_smile:

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@Rhys18 welcome. Happy Learning