Can REST API ChangePassword change Password in AD in the case of User imported from AD?

I have the question about the function of a REST API, POST odata/Users/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.ChangePassword.

If the User imported from Active Directory and is authenticated by the password in Active Directory account, the API can change password in AD by sending command to AD.


Hi @ken_morita

Even thought more improvements related to AD are coming, could you see if this post is helpful to you?

Dear @ken_morita,

We made it possible to update the password from AD with powershell and subsequently update password in orchestrator. I used this as the start:

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Dear @rrvdw

Thanks for your answer.

I think it looks best answer to my question.

Please let me confirm one thing.

Did you update the password in AD successfully in the case of Orchesrator User imported from AD by only executing Poweshell Script in your link ?