Can Parralel activities (or Invokes) Communicate?

Hello fellow devs,

I wonder if it is possible to use the “parallel” activity in such a way that my invokes can share variables or arguments.
For example:
I want to Invoke1 to write lines containing “test”
as long as Invoke2 does not find a specific element on the screen.

This doesn’t seem to work in the usual way.

Any ideas?

You have to use public variable and make use of that variable in both the invokes.

Karthik Byggari

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put it in a retry mechanism ?

As long as particular element is not detected using element exists , in the Actions in the IF condition the write line trigers,

if it is detctected, it does nothing and posts a log message only

you can set retry to as many times as required

just to exit the retry condition, but another boolean condition, so when that condition beocmes true, your retry loop exits