Can Orchestrator send notification when Bot is unable to login into VDI

Hello There,

I wanted to know the details of the How/Can Orchestrator send an notification on email/text message.
Current Situation :
Bot is unable to login into vdi (Manually aslo we cann’t) due to n responsiveness at the time of trigger and due to that we are missing some SLA’s.

Could anyone please guide?


you can keep code for send email as a notification in your code and it should be proper try catch , so whenever bot throw any exception then mail will send

No, My question is Orchestrator can send notification when Bot did not started (Sign to VDI is first step and execution of process is next step)

Means in my case Bot did not even started as BOT did logged in into VDI before starting the process

can you follow this video

Okay @Veera_Raj

I will check the same

Thank you.