Can not select all text box as image, pls help!

_ Hello guys ! I have a problem as image. I want to select the first textbox and type info into it and the next one does the same but I can only make the robot read the first one, can’t make it select multiple textboxes. Pls help, tks !


You can use a dynamic selector to get all of the boxes in that column. Make a selector with the idx attribute present, and make an integer variable. Then put the variable in the idx attribute, and add one to the variable inside a loop. Example:

IntVar = 1
Get Text L/CTN (idx = IntVar)
IntVar = IntVar + 1
End loop once all rows are scraped

Hello William, I realy tks for your support. But Can you guide me Where can I declare the IntVar


Open UiExplorer on your machine, and indicate the first box you are trying to get. Copy and paste the selector onto this post and I will try and help you build it

Dear William ! Thanks in advance.
And here is my Selector, I have take a screenshot for you have a look:



The image hasn’t shown, only the name for it


This is my Edit Selector


Copy and past the selector in from UiExplorer, rather than screenshot it

I cant copy it there :((


Open UiExplorer:

Indicate the selector:

Highlight the selector in the box and press ctrl + c:

Paste (ctrl + v) the selector into the reply:
<html app='chrome.exe' title='Can not select all text box as image, pls help! - Learn - UiPath Community Forum' /> <webctrl parentid='post_9' tag='P' />

Does this not work?

<html title='Supply Chain Collaboration' />


That is the first half of a selector to indicate the program it is using. Does the entire selector look something like this?

<html title='Supply Chain Collaboration' /> <colName='L/CTN' idx='1' />

Put the selector inside the Preformatted Text (ctrl + shift + c) and it should let you reply with the entire selector.

I assigned all but when press “Enter” it did not show what I had ctrl + v


That’s because you’re not using preformatted text. Try putting the selector in between these:


Hi William, I am Anthony. I were limited words for beginers. So I used another account to reply you. I send you a link my project on google driver

< webctrl id=‘resultfield_b2bPLCSCTNLength_AAAdPyAA1AAA3AwAAiAAAdHxAAvAAMU-XAA*’ tag=‘SPAN’ / >…

@ANTHONY_LUAN @Luan_Anthony,

<html title='Supply Chain Collaboration' /> <webctrl id='resultfield_b2bPLCSCTNLength_AAAdPyAA1AAA3AwAAiAAAdHxAAvAAMU-XAA*' tag='SPAN' />

I got this selector from a click activity. Have a look in UiExplorer at the Unselected Items, on the right hand side of the UiExplorer window, for attributes such as colName. Then once you’ve made a selector that is stable, add the idx attribute as 1. This should select the first cell on that table in your screenshot. 2 should select the second, and so on. The int variable I previously mentioned will go inside this idx attribute.