Can not Reply or Ask on Closed Posts?

Hi everyone,

As any other user on our automation journey I’m using the Forum to find out about the solution we need but often come to the same place where the article/post that fits is usually closed!

So, let’s say you have the same situation described on the post but still need to ask or just reply back, How do you do that if is Closed? See message below plz!

I mean, I’m trying to follow the best pracrices and rules from the Forum about using the posts first but the interaction is Cancelled, that leaves us with our hands tied!

Thanks in advance for any idea on how to reply or ask on a ‘Closed’ post without opening a new Topic.

Be safe!


As per the current scenario, you can’t reply which was marked as solution and closed after 3 days

So your problem is relate to the same which was closed, then try out the solution recommended or create a new topic, and tag the topic

Hope this helps you


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Thank you my friend for the quick response.

That is actually the scenario that the solution might be for the other user, in my case or any we might have a close but not exact the same scenario which is why the topic comes to life again so in order to avoid makin a new topic you could just reply on that one but we cannot.

Ok, so it seems there this subject still not implemented so I’ll follow your advice and make a new one tagging the topic.

As a friendly advice and feedback as they keep asking us to provide, I would suggest trying to come with something that might address this scenario, maybe not to open the entire topic again but having the chance to do something on a closed topic will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and be safe!



Well, actually, opening a new topic for your particular issue is the best way to go about it.

For that, you can click the share icon on the post you would like to mention and there will be a button to create a new topic with an automatic link to the post you started with.

This automatically adds the link to the post in your new composer window and will allow users to reference the old, closed topic easily.