Can not recoder and mouse scroll

I want to check if Nsclient not running then right click and start service but I can’t mouse scroll or Ctrl+f for search Nsclient and recorder can’t catch text in Service.
How to search Nsclient in service and make condition if Nsclient not running then right click.
Thank you for answer

Did you try Get Process activity.
please refer

Sorry I don’t understand. UIPath can recorder on Backend service.

What exactly your looking for.

How to monitor service.msc in OS Microsoft window .
I want to check service in service.msc if service not running UIPath can run service auto. but i can’t recorder in service.msc. Is there a way to fix that

ok if your requirement is to do it from service.msc window then here is one way of doing it

  • First you need to check whether Nsclient process is available or not.
  • Use image exist (which returns Boolean value )and try to validate using if condition.
  • If true then use click event (right click) activity and in the selector pass the process name where it need to be clicked.

Example :

please find the below selector of click event where i’m trying to click on IE process by the name iexplore.exe . Same you need to do for you case.

<wnd app='taskmgr.exe' cls='#32770' title='Windows Task Manager' />
<ctrl name='iexplore.exe' role='list item' />
  • If its not visible on the screen use page down /down using send hotkey and loop it back until it finds.