Can not open the App tab in the uipath app

Hello Smart People
when i click the app, it shows loading, please see pic.

i made delete history from chrome browser, because radio button choosing attend robot or unattend robot in “edit rule” in app does not show . The other tab, home, action , process can open.

Thanks ahead.

Hi @eimon

Could you maybe double check in incognito / different browser as well?

Hello @loginerror
Thanks . It shows loading too in incognito and IE. This problem takes time almost whole day for me.

Could you maybe open the browser console to see if there are any errors? (CTRL + SHIFT + I on Chrome).

You would first open it on the blank tab and then navigate to Cloud and then Apps to see if there won’t be any errors.

Also, could you then repeat that for the Network tab to see if there aren’t any connection errors?

Hello @loginerror
Thanks . 8 errors shows as follow. Please see it.

in the network tab,

For the first time loading, it shows as follow

Thank you for the screenshots, I will check with the team what could be going wrong there.

Other things to try in the meantime would be to still double check (if possible) a different device on the same network and different network on the same device.

Then, a double check whether no firewall is blocking the resources.

Lastly, make sure your system clock is correctly set with the correct timezone. This is a shot in the dark, but sometimes some connection issues can be related to that as well.

Hi @loginerror
Thank you . i will try , if there were updates i would share here. looking forward the solution advice from your team too.
Thanks again.

The first guess from our team is that it has to do with your firewall. Could you check if you can access this file?

hi @loginerror Thanks i cannot access the link.

In this case, it looks like you are blocked from accessing some resources, mainly from

It would seem like you might have to look into the firewall and that should resolve the issue.

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