Can not open browser window to login orchestrator server in studio

After the latest Windows update, I input a url of orchestrator server and click the sign-in button in UiPath studio,It can’t open the default browser(chrome) to view orchestrator login page. I guess the reason that some Windows settings may have been changed. Can anyone help me to resolve it. many thanks.

my OS is windows server 2019 Datacenter.

Hey @sld4exp ,

Clear the cache and cookies of your browser and try again.

Confirm that Chrome is set as the default browser on your system.

To check this, go to Windows Settings > Apps > Default Apps and ensure that Chrome is selected as the default web browser.

Happy Automation

Thanks @Archana_Gulli .

I try to clear the cookies and cache of chrome today but not solve it yet.

Let me re-describe the problem again. I try to click the sign in button in studio
or UiPath assistant, It can’t pop up a new browser window, but display a no response message on the bottom a few seconds later.
Studio could pop up a new chrome window normally and view the orchestrator login page when I clicked the sign-in button until the end of last year (before the windows update).