Can not Login UiPath Academy even i requested to recovery the password

Hello, i have uipath community edition and now i cant login to uipath academy even i did to change my password and use the new one. Anyone can explain on this or have the same issue?

Hi @bangtata

Welcome to UiPath community buddy

  1. If you have forgotten the userid and password, use the option forget password and enter the mailid to which you will be sent with an option to reset the password
  2. Then get back on academy, write the email id as username, to which you were sent with mail and enter the new password…
    This should work for sure
    Kindly try this and let know buddy
    Cheers @bangtata


I did the whole steps that you explained above. But the error is still there “credential is incorrect”. I tried as well to sign up new account but the web is not opened. Thank you


  1. I hope you are entering the correct username (not the email id) and password. Or,
    If you know your email-id , use forgot password option.
    This should work.