Can not initialize UIRobot when unattended

I am facing the next problem, currently I have a ETL in easymorph that executes a .xaml created in UiPath Studio community edtion using a batch file and runs perfectly fine if im executing the ETL.

My problem is when my workspace is unattended and the ETL runs by schedule, it refuses to run the xaml file.


Did you allocate an unattended license?

I believe now without license you cannot …the schedulers have been blocked without the license to the bot to trigger thwm


I’m currently using a trial access and have allocated a unattended license to the machine that is running the xaml file.

I thought that technically running the xaml file with a .bat wouldn’t have a problem because I’m not using orchestrator.


In the previous versions it used to work…in the latest there are changes around this on checking for license as well