Can not indicated element in PDF when use Wildcard character

Hi all, i’m creating a process to get information form the pdf files and save them to Excel file. when i use wildcard character " * " to instead for dynamics character, it’s appear pop-up with content “Not find element …”. Below’s my error:

This is two file PDF for test:
JA1.pdf (113.7 KB) JA2.pdf (111.0 KB)
My main.xml: Main.xaml (31.6 KB)
Please help me and sorry because my english is so bad.

Hi @TanVuong

You need to as following
1.Add Find Element activity before get text from PDF files.
2.Move Build data Table to outside For Each open PDF files.
3.Move Write Range to outside For Each open PDF files.
4.Edit selector from <ctrl name='Tôi tên: * ' role='text' />
to <ctrl name='Tôi tên:* ' role='text' />

Please refer as below (218.2 KB)

*If cannot open workflow, please try to downgrade activity packages
Click Manage Packages > Update Activity Packages to your version


thank u so much, wish you have a nice day <3

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I hope you have a great day too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: