Can Not Indicate Shortcut On Desktop

Hello guys,
I got a problem after changes my device to using UiPath. I transferred my Uipath process data and I found out in my new device, that Click Activities on Shortcut at my desktop can’'t work because UiPath just can indicate the desktop only but cant’indicate the shortcut. I tried to restart my laptop and nothings change. I have no clue why that can be happen, any solution guys ? basically they work normally if I transfer to another device but in my device now that can’t work. Is there any settings I need to solve or anything else ?
Please give me advice for this problem, thank you very much.
Here some picture to see the problem.


@Patrick_Ghozali hey , as soon as you click on indicate on screen , then UiPath is capturing the whole screen…and you want to capture only shortcuts…right…so for this after clicking on indicate on screen…click ctrl + F3 , And drag the area of each shortcut that you want to capture… please let me know if this helps you

Best is to replace your activity with start process/open application activity and give path to desktop shortcut file.
you can also directly give the executable path instead of shortcut.

It works, but I still don’t get it why I can’t indicate only the shortcut without using ctrl+f3 because usually uipath can detect the shortcut only. I tried at another laptop and Uipath can indicate the shortcut only that’s why I’m asking is there any settings that I miss
Thank you for your respond :pray: :pray: :pray:

Thank you for your respond :pray:
I only can indicate my desktop but I can’t indicate every single shortcut at my desktop…

@Patrick_Ghozali , I dont think so that it differs from laptop to laptop. But my previous answer solved your problem then you can please mark it as solution , and can close this topic.