Can not find "Citrix Recorder" in uipath studio community edition

I am working on Level 1 - part 7: Citrix Recording

  • The videos and Practice lesson refer to “Citrix Recorder”, but my uipath studio shows only a “Native Citrix” option.

The “Native Citrix” does not have the same functions as what is described in the course for the “Citrix Recorder”

Can someone please explain this discrepancy?

Hopefully the screenshot was uploaded successfully:



Buddy @gallagj

Welcome to UiPath community buddy…
may i know which version you are using buddy…it all depends on that even…
And you can give a try with a shortkeys in your keyboard being inside the studio like this
This will take you to the citrix recorder wizard buddy @gallagj
Or still if doesn’t work kindly tell me which version it is buddy @gallagj

@ Palaniyappan

Alt+ctrl+c brings up the “Native Citrix Recorder”

This is the version info from my studio:

2019.4.2 - 04/25/2019
Community Edition
EXE Installer

License Provider: Internal
Device ID: s0m5uYq7OtxG97wts3VC1Q==
Update Channel: Stable
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit
.NET Framework Version 4.7.2 or later


In training videos, they used older version of UIpath studio and now it is updated to Native Citrix recorder from Citrix recorder.


Thank you. That is what I figured.

I Just now noticed that there is an “Image” recording wizard that looks to have all the functions of the old “Citrix Recorder”

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