Can not assess to Licensing Training

I have finished the Advanced Training but i cannot access the Licensing Training, it hit me ‘unauthorized’ ! who can help me :pensive: thanks.

Hi @PaulWang24,

Are you using your personal email address or company email address, if you are using personal email address i think it doesn’t work can you use your company email address and give a try.

I am not sure but can give a try.

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Thanks you a million, yeah, i use my personal email now.
and you mean that the Licensing Training just for company?


Hi @PaulWang24,

I am not sure, but can you give a try by registering your company email address as i am using my company email address and it works fine for me.

Can you try to access RPA Infrastructure training, i think you will be getting the same error as Licensing Training.

Now it’s work. it seems that it needs some time after you enrolled.

For personal email or work email does it work.

still use my personal email

Good you can continue with your licensing training now, can you check the same for RPA Infrastructure training.

RPA Infrastructure still is locked now. :joy:

For RPA Infrastructure training you have to enroll first and someone from the backend will provide the access.

Yeah, i have enrolled it, but it seems that i have to finish the ‘UiPath Security Training’ firstly ?

okie continue with your trainings.

thanks !