Can not activate UiPath Assistant after upgrading from 2019 Studio

Had upgraded an old computer from 2019 Studio to the latest 2020 Studio pro successfully, but when trying to activate UiPath Assistant from Windows start menu, nothing happen after clicking, nor in system tray.

Any suggestion…thanks

spent hours and found out that installing the Robot requires “to be added to the Remote Desktop Users local group, in Computer Management .”, but it is not available in my old NB running Windows 10 Home edition. :hot_face:

Is there a way to work around ? or is it possible to get back to previous version of Robot which had been working before upgrading to 20.4. (It seems Orchestrator also need to be previous version, but I’m using community edition)


So Did you find any answers I am also facing same issue

No, you are the first response.

Hi @MubieSam_Lin

Are you by chance using the Enterprise edition? If so, you could directly make a ticket with our technical support here:

If not, could you maybe provide some additional details about your scenario?

  1. Which installer was used to install Studio and Robot?
  2. Do you see any errors/relevant events in the Windows Event Viewer?
  3. Have you tried restarting your machine after the reinstallation? It sometimes helps, but I would imagine that after so many days, this has already happened.