Can not able to use GetAppCredential.xaml file in project

I am facing one problem during using GetAappCredential.xaml file. to install this file I had to copy and paste the code from GitHub into a file using notepad and saved it as a “.xaml” file in my project directory folder.

Next, when I try to open that file in UiPath studio, I get error messages in the output pane. It says the following:

“Could not find type ‘GetSecureCredential’ in namespace '

Sourse:Invoke GetAppCredential workflow
message: Cannot create unknown type;{}GetSecureCredential’.
Exception Type: System.Xaml.XamlObjectWriterException

I am also reinstalled Uipath.Credentials.activity from manage package.

I don’t know how to fix this. Can someone help?

Hi @rutuja.tak

I think the latest versions of UiPath does not come with the get secure credential activity, by default it will come only with get credential activity which fetches password from orchestrator only.

We have to install the package UiPath.credenetials or UiPath.securrcredential in the manage packages window to work.

Refer this post for where to find the UiPath.crendtials.activities package


ok thank you for your response…