Can no longer select/click individual file in windows file explorer

Selectors that have previously selected and clicked files in windows 10 file explorer have stopped working. When using UI explorer to repair/indicate element, the whole window pane, rather than the individual file is selected. I also cannot send ‘type into’ commands because of this.

It appears that the selector can’t nest down any further than the ‘ShellTabWindowClass’ and none of the aanames or automation IDs seem to be available anymore (example before & after selectors below).

I’ve tried reinstalling uipath studio and have updated to community edition 20.4, but behaviour is the same. I have .Net 4.8 on windows 10.

I’m not sure what has changed. I did make the initial selectors a long time ago but vaguely recall running them about a month or so ago without issue.

Does anyone have any advice on what to try to get this functionality back?

Previous selector (no longer working):

wnd cls=‘ShellTabWindowClass’ title=‘title*’ />
wnd aaname=‘Explorer Pane’ cls=‘DirectUIHWND’ />
wnd aaname=‘Shell Folder View’ cls=‘SHELLDLL_DefView’ title=‘ShellView’ />
wnd aaname=‘Items View’ cls=‘DirectUIHWND’ />
ctrl name=‘Items View’ role=‘list’ />
ctrl automationid=‘0’ />
ctrl automationid=‘BaselineImage’ />

Suggested repair (from Ui explorer - whole pane, can’t select sub-elements)

wnd app=‘explorer.exe’ cls=‘CabinetWClass’ title=‘JPG_Batch1’ />
wnd cls=‘ShellTabWindowClass’ title=‘JPG_Batch1’ />
wnd cls=‘DirectUIHWND’ idx=‘2’ />