Can I visualize data using UiPath?

How can I visualize data using UiPath?


Which data you want to visualize, if it is a datatable you can write it to excel file you can see it

Data is stored in excel sheet, I want to visualize those data by creating charts, and I have to do this only by using UiPath, is there any solution for it?

Hello Mamata_Shee,

I would personally use Power BI to create your custom visualizations and have the data used for this based off of an Excel file.

Your automation can then write/append/update data within this excel and the Power BI will automatically refresh to cope with the newly added data.



UiPath alone won’t generate any visualization, UiRobots interact with user interface but robots alone (UiRobots) don’t have user interfaces. Said that, you can automate your workflow to display a visualization on a given third application, options are huge depending on your knowledge and expertise.

  • Excel
  • PowerBI
  • D3
  • Tableau
  • etc…

TL;DR; I believe you want to display those charts in excel so here’s a simple solution, please note this is a studio x activity.

Hello @Mamata_Shee

If you are trying to create different charts based on the data in the excel you can do that using the excel package in UiPath.

You can create different charts like bar, pie, line etc and insert into a sheet.

Also you can use the Balareva activity to create the charts if you are allowed to use custom packages.

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