Can i use uipath RPS to match photo from pdf and a selfie to see if this photo for the same person?

I am a business intelligence manger at equiti group, we are planning to start using the UIpath RPA as part of our process automation , we are planning to automate our onboarding process and I am trying to do a prof of concept to use the RPA to cover this area before moving to buy the required license.

As part of our onboarding process we are asking clients to provide us with a photo of his passport and a selfie and we are comparing these 2 photo with each other to verify that the photo on the delivered passport are matching the selfie that has been sent from the client .

I was not able to find if this is applicable and can be done through the uipath studio .

Your guidance on this process will be appreciated .


Welcome to our UiPath community.

I guess you need to use AI Fabric and all to compare two images. It involves separate license again.

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